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Welcome to Beverage House: Premium Beverages & Concentrates

Beverage House has produced shelf stable beverage concentrates and tea concentrates to some of the premier food service and ready to drink manufacturers in the U.S. for over 25 years.”

The quality and variety is higher than any time since we began in 1984.

The Beverage House range of support and focus is on “specialty beverages and concentrates”. Specialty beverages perform a specific function for your program, brand or mission.

We are admittedly fond of our tea products. At nearly 1 billion tea servings in 2008, we produce more tea than any other beverage product. We do however offer many fine beverages products outside of the tea family.

Our teas in particular are refreshing, thirst quenching, light and flavorful – no other beverage offers the qualities of tea. For over 4500 years, the savory pleasure of drinking tea has been recognized the world over. Today, iced tea is the beverage of choice and no wonder -- the clean aftertaste of tea makes it a perfect complement to any kind of food. 76 million baby boomers choose tea as the perfect drink to help promote health and well-being while reducing stress.

At Beverage House, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the highest quality Black, Green, White and Specialty natural brewed tea extracts. Good quality tea leaf is the cornerstone of making good tea extract, and we pride ourselves in the long-term relationships we have developed with specialty tea traders and estates from around the world who supply us with selected teas.

The other critical key to producing our superior tea extracts is the blend. We like to think of ourselves as tea connoisseurs: recognized tea specialists combining part invention, part science and part creative. We delight in finding new and different combinations of flavors and taste that enhance the overall tea experience. The possibilities are endless…

From the variety of blends of tea leaf, we carefully steep to an optimum level. The result is a 100% premium brewed tea concentrate capturing the true essence, aromatics, and flavor – the way iced tea is meant to taste.

Beverage House customers know that we offer the perfect solution for their tea needs – liquid tea extracts of the highest quality taste. Our products are easy to blend, with no messy powders to dissolve, and don’t create any waste at all. You use only the amount of tea that you require to make one glass or 10,000 gallons.

Real Tea Experience

Simply stated, Beverage House is the most knowledgeable source for quality liquid tea products.

For more than two decades we have been recognized as a leader in the development of shelf-stable tea and beverage concentrates.

Our staff includes several aseptically certified process specialists and numerous AIB certified process specialists. We can meet all of your processing, manufacturing, packaging, information technology, training and certifications.

Our Passion

Our clients know that we are passionately involved and dedicated to the product we deliver and the customers we serve. We offer an unsurpassed commitment to taste and quality, to achieving the highest-standards in the industry and most importantly to our clients needs. We consistently deliver high-quality, delicious, safe and efficient products with the goal of achieving profitable results.

We tap into emerging markets and leading-edge products such as isotonic drinks, health and wellness products, ultra pure and all-natural and low-calorie to name a few. We are driven to stay on top of the consumer market by introducing new products every month.

Come on down, sit and sip with us.

Who We Are

Since Beverage House (BHI) was established in 1984, we have been recognized as a leader in the development of shelf stable beverage and specifically tea concentrates.

Target consumer testing rated our tea at parity to leading “fresh brewed” tea.

What makes us different is our customized product. Our competitors want to sell you a good tea flavor. BHI wants to help you sell more of your own tea! We develop formulas that are original and unique to meet our individual customers’ needs. To achieve this, we have three full-time product development specialists, one of which is a qualified Level 3 tea taster … a rare distinction that is earned through a program of diligent studies and testing.

BHI’s extensive experience in product development and state-of-the-art processing, as well as retail tea sales, provides us (and you) with a unique insight to identify market voids and profit opportunities in the rapidly expanding concentrate market. Our significant retail sales and consumer experience in marketing and distribution of tea concentrate products provide even more “value added” to our status as a unique provider of tea concentrate in today’s marketplace.

What We Can Do for You

Our three areas of expertise are:

Food Service – providing custom brewed liquid tea concentrates to premier food service manufacturers/distributors nationally and internationally.

Ready to Drink – custom, single bottle packaged drinks.

Custom Ingredients – we offer specialty tea and other select beverage products with proven consumer repeat purchase history.

Manufacturing & Package

Beverage House has perfected the technology side of processing tea. We have innovated superior production methods, creating customized, shelf-stable beverage and liquid tea concentrates that are not only efficient, cost-effective and worry-free—they are authentic and deliver the most superb fresh taste.

We blend beverages with state of the art processing equipment—we are a low acid and high acid FDA approved processor.

We have a system designed and built especially for volatile flavor systems with high-viscosity, high-solids and high-sensitivity such as tea, coffee and botanical extracts.

Our technology enables us to produce an aseptic all-natural or mildly preserved, premium quality tea bag-in-box that is dispensed alongside
carbonated soft drinks. Beverage House staff members can provide training to ensure proper installation and sanitation.
Beverage House develops concentrated beverages and specialty teas and then packages them in many different ways to meet clients’ needs:

  • Bulk containers up to 55 gallon drums for further processing by the customer.
  • Bag-in-box and bottle cases for custom dispensers and other systems in foodservice.
  • Beverage concentrates packaged for retail locations, high end specialty shops, foodservice applications and even for retail sale.
  • Ready to drink products that are ready to be chilled, opened and enjoyed.
  • All Natural Products